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Responsible Plastic Management

Member Events
Date: 23rd March 2021 | Time: 2.00pm – 3.00pm


This webinar will be of interest to contractors who want to demonstrate a commitment to the environment and sustainability specifically regarding plastic.

The webinar will cover:
 - Insights to the global Plastic Problem
 - Background to the RPM Program
 - The opportunity to engage with RPM Program
 - The RPM accolades available
 - Benefits for RPM engaged organisations
 - The expectations and opportunities 
 - RPM Q&A 


Plastic is considered both a wonder product and environmental problem product. This is particularly due to it being derived from fossil fuels and it being very slow to degrade after use.
Plastic is building up in the environment and society is calling for a reduction in unnecessary plastic and better management of plastic after use. This is reflected in procurement strategies requiring evidence of sustainability and environmental management practices.

The Responsible Plastic Management Program is an assurance initiative to assist organizations to demonstrate and communicate that they ‘care for the environment’ have ‘practical plastic management practices in place’. This can help with business to business communications.
Presenters: William Dolan and Peter Marshall (RPM Program)  www.RPMProgram.Com


  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group
  • JP Corry
  • Northern Ireland Electricity Networks
  • Willis Towers Watson