How it works

It is a two-step process. Firstly you must register with the scheme. Registered companies are then required to apply for audit within nine months. Only when both steps are completed will you be a certified company.

Download and complete the Application Form on the Get Registered page or alternatively contact us at

Return to the Scheme with your cheque or bacs payment along with verification of your previous year’s turnover to the following address:

143 Malone Road

The application is processed and a letter confirming Registration is issued along with information on the criteria for audit.

A registered company is required to apply for audit within nine months of registration. Before applying for audit the company should ensure that its health and safety management systems are ready to be audited and can demonstrate at least three months evidence of operation. 

On receipt of the Application Form for Audit, the Scheme will appoint an auditor from its IOSH approved auditor panel to conduct the audit. The appointed auditor will contact the applicant company directly to arrange a date for audit. 

Continued Safe-T-Cert certification is subject to annual verification audit. At an annual verification audit, the company must demonstrate that their health and safety has improved and that all targets set at the previous audit have been implemented.