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Representing the interests of approximately 800 member companies, we are the sole certified representative body for the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

The Construction Employers Federation (CEF) is the "Voice of the Industry". The CEF represents the industry and provides services for all employers large and small. We promote best practice and procedures in construction procurement. The CEF offers a multi-discipline advice service to its members on all aspects of the construction industry

The construction industry is one of the largest industrial sectors in Northern Ireland and makes a significant contribution to the local economy. It is therefore essential to have an effective organisation to represent the industry.

The CEF fulfils this role. With over 800 members large and small, we speak as the authoritative voice for construction employers. We provide strong and effective lobbying to government and client bodies.

Through membership of the CEF you will gain recognition in the eyes of the government, clients and the public at large.


  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group
  • JP Corry
  • Northern Ireland Electricity Networks
  • Willis Towers Watson