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Brexit - Trader Support Service - 23 NOVEMBER REGISTRATION DEADLINE

The Federation is now advising its members that they must sign up to the Government's free Trader Support Service (and strongly encourage their supply chains to also do so) which will provide education and guidance for traders moving goods under the Northern Ireland Protocol, including between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, from 1 January 2021.


All those who sign up before 23 November will get a registration number so that goods can be moved from 1 January.

Therefore, if you have not signed up, our advice is that you must do so in the next three days and that you must ensure that this information is shared with your subcontractors and suppliers.

Register here



We are now advising members that they must sign up for the free Trader Support Service.

Although the TSS will not be a legal requirement from 1 January, there are several reasons why we now believe you must do this – and, crucially, ensure that this message is shared with your full supply chain:

  • The Northern Ireland Protocol comes into effect on 1 January whether the UK and EU have signed off on a Free Trade Deal or not
  • Consequently, this means there will be changes in moving goods from GB to NI, Free Trade Deal or not
  • The TSS will ensure you, and your supply chain, satisfy all administrative/declarations procedures for goods moving from Great Britain to Northern Ireland
  • The TSS will also advise on where new duties are required, and how these can be reclaimed if goods moving from GB to NI are deemed ‘at risk’ of then moving into RoI/rest of EU
  • Although not something that is said openly, we would consider it likely that those traders signed up for the TSS will be prioritised in terms of goods movement and facilitation from 1 January

Please also remember two other elements with respect to goods movement:

  • NI to GB – should take place as it does now with no new processes
  • NI to RoI – continue as now with no new processes

Further detail on the TSS is available via this link


Traders who sign up to the Trader Support Service will be guided through the new processes under the Northern Ireland Protocol and can also use it to complete digital declarations.

The service will:

  • provide a free end-to-end support package to manage import and safety and security declarations on behalf of traders
  • educate businesses on what the protocol means for them, and the steps they need to take to comply with it. This will include online training sessions and webinars, with information being continually updated as we move closer to 1 January 2021
  • be available to businesses moving goods into Northern Ireland under new processes in the Northern Ireland Protocol that start from 1 January 2021

You may want to sign up for the free Trader Support Service which:

  • will help if you move goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or bring goods into Northern Ireland from outside the UK
  • is free to use and will guide you through any changes to the way goods move between Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • can complete declarations on your behalf

It can help if you:

  • are moving the goods yourself
  • act on behalf of someone
  • send parcels between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or bring parcels into Northern Ireland from outside the UK

Please follow this link to sign up for the TSS.

We would also strongly encourage you to share this information with all your subcontractors and suppliers.