CSR News

Construction Skills Register – Removal of Manager Assessments – April 2018

From April 2018 the Construction Skills Register (CSR) will remove occupational assessments as a route to new manager and senior manager cards. This is part of the CSR 3 year plan designed to further raise standards and improve health and safety across the construction industry in NI. The CSR 3 year plan has been developed to reflect the industry’s commitment to qualifying the workforce, coupled with the need to ensure continued mobility and acceptance of CSR cards across the UK.

Changes to CSR Plant Scheme

Withdrawal of Plant EWPA route - Construction Skills Register (CSR) blue plant operative cards are issued on achievement of an NVQ Level 2 qualification. ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council has withdrawn the use of simulation as an assessment route to achieve Plant qualifications. This is stated within the Assessment Strategy for Construction and the Built Environment – Plant Operations and Lifting Operations dated 1st January 2018.

Update - CSR card acceptance in the Republic of Ireland

The Construction Skills Register (CSR) has a mutual recognition agreement with SOLAS in the Republic of Ireland that confirms the CSR one day health and safety course is deemed equivalent to the Safe Pass health and safety course and vice versa. The CSR one day health and safety course is the only course recognised as equivalent to the SOLAS Safe Pass course and CSR cards continue to be accepted in the Republic of Ireland.

CSR introduces Academically Qualified Person & Professionally Qualified Person Cards

In response to feedback from the industry the Construction Skills Register (CSR) has introduced two new cards with immediate effect. Aimed at those who are either academically qualified or professionally qualified, the new cards offer an alternative route to a platinum card for those who are not performing the role of a building site manager or civil engineering site manager.