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As a result of the major impact on our sector in construction and civil engineering, changes are occurring daily. These changes affect you, your site, manpower, working methods, time and money.

Inevitably disputes will now arise regarding additional costs, who pays, and extensions of time in respect of delays, especially where new working arrangements effect outputs and completion of individual tasks on time or at a higher cost.

Litigation is expensive and time consuming. If there are issues, the CEF Mediation panel are here to help. At low cost to the parties to any issue or dispute, our highly trained and industry Mediators are available to participate in resolving the issues amicably, enabling the project to move on and retain relationships.

You have no need to look anywhere else. With our terms, agreements and the input from our Mediators it is aimed to resolve your matters in very short timescales, and it can be done remotely without the need for room hire or bring people together. That can also be offered in a safe way here at the CEF headquarter building, where deemed necessary.

There’s no need for expensive litigation teams, just the parties each with a mediation statement and off you go. The Mediator will assist in endeavouring to find common ground and a settlement.

Best of all our Mediation procedure is on a fixed fee basis so there are no shocks.

If you need help or wish to enquire contact  and we will send you the necessary documents and appoint a suitable Mediator.