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CEF meets Transport NI on road bonds

The Construction Employers Federation (CEF), NHBC and a number of contractors today met with John Irvine, Director of Network Services and the principals from the four regional divisions of TransportNI to discuss road bonds.

Issues discussed included the ongoing delays in the reduction of bonds and the impact of the voluntary exit scheme along with the change in departmental structure in May.

TransportNI will become part of the Departmental of Infrastructure in May although it was confirmed that this will have no impact on operations. There has been a 15% reduction in staff due to the voluntary exit scheme so TransportNI are actively looking at streamlining procedures to address this.

TransportNI have agreed to look at the TAS Approval process with a view to reducing the timescales involved and will encourage the Private Streets Inspectors to refer none routine decisions to their superiors for approval.

It was also agreed that the CEF would raise any ongoing issues for referral to the Private Street Working Group.

Regular liaison with TransportNI will continue. Any specific issues with road bonds can be raised with Jonathan Caughey on 028 9087 7413 or by email