CIF Standard Operating Procedures Updated

Members working in the Republic of Ireland should be aware that the Construction Industry Federation in Dublin has updated its Construction Sector C-19 Pandemic Standard Operating Procedures. The latest version is Version 8: June 2021. The Standard Operating Procedures should be adhered to by companies working in the Republic of Ireland.

Updates to Version 8 include:

  • Updated President's message
  • HSA finding from Covid-19 inspections (Section 25)
  • Details provided for vaccinations
  • Expanded section on Rapid Antigen Testing
  • CIF and Trade Union Federation Agreement (Section 24)
  • Amended guidance for international travel
  • Updated advice on close contacts relating to new variants and vaccines

For the avoidance of doubt this document applies to the Republic of Ireland only.

The CEF Covid 19 health and safety guidance can be accessed here.