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Covid-19 Safety Guidance

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CSR Cards: Impact of Covid 19

Due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic, CSR is asking employers and those responsible for checking CSR cards to be flexible if a card has recently expired. This approach is supported by CPD and the Government Construction Clients. This guidance will be kept under review on a regular basis during these exceptional circumstances.

New cards

Please note this does not extend to those individuals who have not yet completed training or those who previously held a CSR card in the past.

Renewal Supervisor, Manager & Plant cards

The grace periods available for the renewal of supervisor, manager and plant cards will be extended by 3 months to avoid candidates renewing these cards being required to complete the full courses instead of the refresher course or technical test.

Please note CSR Plant Testing is currently ongoing with all necessary risk mitigations in place.

CSR staff remain available to ensure outstanding cards can still be processed and queries answered.