Do what you can to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the construction industry

HSENI Chief Executive Robert Kidd has recognised the efforts made by the construction industry during the ongoing pandemic and issued a reminder for construction companies to remain Covid aware.

He commented, “As we enter into another winter living with COVID-19, HSENI would like to remind all construction companies and workers to:

  • Remind themselves of the current Public Health guidelines; and
  • Continue to work using the Industry agreed Standard Operating Procedures (CLC SOP).

Ensuring the continued health, safety and wellbeing of our construction workers is paramount and everyone must play their part”.

CEF Managing Director, Mark Spence, echoed the comments from HSENI, “The Northern Ireland construction industry has demonstrated over the past eighteen months that it has been able to adapt to the challenging circumstances presented by the Covid 19 pandemic. The industry has continued to function while managing the risks associated with Covid 19. Whilst Covid continues to impact, it is important that the industry continues to adhere to the CLC Standard Operating Procedures and associated guidance to protect our workers, their families and wider society”.

Guidance remains available on the Covid 19 Safety section of the website.