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Domestic Reverse Charge Guide

In March 2021, the VAT domestic reverse charge for building and construction services, to give it its full title, was introduced. This fundamentally changed the way in which VAT is to be applied to the supply of building and construction services in the UK. Both suppliers and purchasers of construction services will see significant change as a result of the implementation of the VAT reverse charge. Our Patrons, PKF-FPM have developed this guide to support contractors.

With the first month-end fast approaching, it is essential that businesses throughout Northern Ireland and the UK understand the new rules and prepare for what the change means for their business, both from a cash flow perspective and from an internal process perspective. To assist you in this process we are pleased to release PKF-FPM’s Guide to the Domestic Reverse Charge which outlines the key changes, implications and necessary actions,  to ensure that your business remains VAT compliant.

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