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First Turley Associates event successfully held

In partnership with Turley Associates, our planning consultancy partners, we this week held the first in a series of events focusing on the transfer of planning powers to local councils – one year on.

The first event focused in on the impact of Developer Contributions after, in late October of 2015, Belfast City Council gave planning permission to Allstate’s six-storey river front office on condition of entering a Section 76 legal agreement.  This ensured £100k funding for a community garden, play equipment and other community benefits.

Section 76 Planning Agreements allow planning authorities to enter into financial and legal agreements with developers, and according to Belfast City Council can be used “to make acceptable a scheme that would otherwise be unacceptable in planning terms.” A guidance paper has been endorsed by the Council regarding contributions made under Section 76 agreements, and DSD has published an economic appraisal of developer contributions for affordable housing.

This week’s event focused on how Developer Contributions comply with the intention of the Planning Act (NI) 2011 and the policy of SPPS. The event also asked whether other councils will now follow suit.

The presentations from the event are available here and here.

The next event in the series will take place on Tuesday 19 April at the Federation’s office – a formal invite will be issued to this next week.