Fleet Financial drives home new awareness campaign for NI businesses

CEF Patron Fleet Financial urges NI businesses to steer clear of myths and take back control.

Federation Patron Fleet Financial has kicked off a major awareness-raising campaign to bring Northern Ireland businesses right up to speed on the range of vehicle management solutions now available to them which are designed to underline growth and create new operational efficiencies.

The information-driven campaign is designed to put an end to some of the costly misconceptions and myths among business decision-makers which are preventing them from steering their way to new and innovative solutions that could transform their businesses.

Research undertaken by Fleet Financial showed that more than half (56%) of SMEs in Northern Ireland recognised that managing their fleet effectively and efficiently should be a priority, less than one third (27%) had enquired about the solutions available or acted on the information available to them.

Almost two-thirds of NI businesses (67%) believed embracing a fleet management company for solutions might cost them more money and time.

Damian Campbell, Sales Manager, Fleet Financial, said:

“We encourage business managers in Northern Ireland to regularly think about the vehicles they use, about how they can manage them better and increase efficiency to reduce outgoings. The survey highlights most businesses know what they need to do to tackle these issues but aren’t confident about their knowledge of this area.

“Our campaign is designed to urge NI businesses to realise that fleet management is a critical area within a modern, forward-looking business and needs to be reviewed regularly. We would like local businesses to know their options, move towards engaging the services offered by Fleet Financial and fully understand the benefits and savings to their business.

“We have evolved to be much more than a contract hire provider. Our business model continues to change and innovate, keeping us at the forefront of our sector and providing local businesses choice and flexible options when managing their company vehicles.”

The survey showed that most NI businesses (92%) wanted clear and costed solutions to upgrading and managing their fleet, including full certainty around servicing, maintenance and repairs.

“We recognise that Northern Ireland’s business owners have multiple priorities but many remain in the dark about the advantages we can offer on vehicle procurement, management or how our innovative new technology can be easily deployed to save thousands of pounds in time and energy.

“It’s why we’re embarking on a focused campaign to inform and educate the sector on the options available to them and how practically they can be utilised for their benefit. Using clear explanations and simple calculations, we want to dispel the myths that many business owners have so that they can make decisions based on fact.”

As Northern Ireland’s leader in contract hire and vehicle management with more than 1200 business users and over 4,200 vehicles under management across the UK and Ireland, Fleet Financial delivers solutions for businesses of any size – from one small van or company car to larger fleets.

For more information, visit www.fleetfinancial.co.uk.