Further details emerge on the Northern Ireland Executive Budget

Prior to Christmas, the Northern Ireland Executive agreed a one year budget for the 2016/17 financial year

the details of which are here. An Assembly statement by the Finance Minister earlier this week shed more light on the capital expenditure breakdown of this:

  •  Reaffirmed commitment to a number of flagship projects over the years 2016/17 to 2020/21:

  • Total capital expenditure over the years to 2020/21 detailed as:

2016/17 – Conventional Capital - £1.009bn. Financial Transactions Capital - £113.6m

2017/18 – Conventional Capital - £1.036bn. Financial Transactions Capital - £100.7m

2018/19 – Conventional Capital - £1.073bn. Financial Transactions Capital - £76.4m

2019/20 – Conventional Capital - £1.126bn. Financial Transactions Capital - £66.1m

2020/21 – Conventional Capital - £1.184bn. Financial Transactions Capital - £54m

  • Budget detail for the years after 2016/17 will only be settled after May’s Assembly election (with exception of the 7 signature projects above)

In terms of Department by Department breakdown for the 2016/17 financial year, there is still a lot of detail left to be finalised but the statement does indicate:

Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs

  • Progress the work necessary to relocate the Department’s headquarters to Ballykelly by December 2017 (£10.4m).

Department for Communities

  • £159.7m budget in total.
  • This will include £9.8m for Regional and Sub-regional Stadia.
  • And £96.5m of Conventional Capital as well as £11m of Financial Transactions Capital towards Housing.

Department for the Economy

  • £60.1m of Conventional Capital and £30.8m of Financial Transactions Capital in total.
  • Of this, some £25.6m Conventional Capital and £11.2m of Financial Transactions Capital will go towards Higher Education.

Department of Education

  • Significant capital budget increase on last year - £193.7m available in total.
  • Although exact detail is lacking, the Department says this will ‘enable the major works and School Enhancement Programmes to be accelerated’. A further 5 major works and 12 SEP projects are expected to be released for construction.
  • ‘Significant’ inroads are also expected to be made into the backlog of minor works applications.

Department of Finance

  • A capital budget of £33.6m will allow them to ‘invest in refurbishment work to facilitate lease consolidation and provide modern, open plan office space’.

Department of Health

  • A total capital budget of £232.6m is available.
  • This will enable the completion of the new North West Regional Cancer Centre at Altnagelvin and two new primary and community care facilities at Banbridge and Ballymena.
  • Redevelopment of the Ulster and Altnaglevin Hospital sites will also continue as well as the new build local hospital in Omagh and the new paediatric facilities at Craigavon and Daisy Hill. Work will also commence on the new Regional Children’s Hospital at the Royal.
  • The £10m of Financial Transactions Capital will allow further investment in GP infrastructure

Department for Infrastructure

  • They will have a total capital budget of £384.1m over the coming financial year – this will allow the Department to take forward work on key schemes including: The A5 and A6; Belfast Rapid Transit and; The Belfast Transport Hub.
  • In total, Roads will receive £150m of Resource expenditure and £138m of Capital.
  • Rivers will get £16m and £8.6m respectively
  • Transport - £83m and £88m
  • Water and Sewerage - £100m and £146.7m

Department of Justice

  • Total capital funding of £58m has been allocated.
  • £3.9m of this will go towards the Community Safety College at Desertcreat.
  • £10m will go to the PSNI with a further £17m to the Prison Service.

The Executive Office (formerly OFMDFM)

  • A Conventional budget of £5m has been allocated – this will be used to complete 4 buildings at Ebrington, including Grade A office space as well as other Urban Village projects.
  • The Northern Ireland Assembly will have £2m for capital in the coming financial year while the Public Prosecution Service will have £1.5m.

For further information, please contact David Fry on 028 9087 7143 or davidf@cefni.co.uk