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HSENI starts targeted site inspections

On Monday 27 January HSENI will begin a two week long programme of site inspections in the construction sector. ‘Construction Plant Accidents Are Preventable’ is HSENI’s clear message to the industry during this year’s initiative.

All non-compliant plant, unsafe practices and inadequate segregation of pedestrians and vehicles on local building sites will be targeted during a drive aimed at reducing deaths and injuries within Northern Ireland’s construction industry. 

During inspections, HSENI inspectors will focus their attention on the following key areas:

  • Adequate pedestrian and vehicle segregation
  • Plant inspections, Maintenance schedules and Thorough Examinations
  • Site specific Risk Assessments for operating plant
  • Training for operating different types of plant
  • Footbrakes
  • Handbrakes
  • Lap Belts 
  • Falling Object Protection Structures
  • Tyres
  • All round visibility
  • Lifting Accessories
  • Rollover Protection Structures