Search launched for manager of £100m government fund

Commenting on the launch of the procurement of a fund manager for the Northern Ireland Investment Fund, Federation Managing Director John Armstrong said...

“The announcement of this procurement for a fund manager is a hugely significant and welcome moment. Industry has long called for the widening and deepening of the Northern Ireland public purse in respect of infrastructure investment. The approach outlined by way of the Investment Fund mirrors that taken in other jurisdictions where it has been met with great success. In the midst of current uncertainty around the Northern Ireland Executive’s budget, it is vital that government presses on with enhancing Northern Ireland’s competitiveness and attractiveness as a region to do business and invest in. The Fund rightly seeks to leverage in private sector funding to address many of our strategic economic and infrastructure challenges as a region, notably Grade A office space, and it is vital that certainty is now provided by sticking to the timelines laid out in the procurement.”

More details on the Fund and the current procurement are available here

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