SustainIQ announces Procore Partnership

Collaborative Construction Tech partnership streamlines Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and sustainability reporting for Procore Users.

SustainIQ, the all-in-one ESG and sustainability reporting software, today announced an integration with Procore Technologies, a leading global provider of construction management software.

SustainIQ is now embedded within Procore, meaning Procore users can easily access their ESG and sustainability performance data for each project on SustainIQ inside the Procore platform. This integration adds significant value to both SustainIQ and Procore customers by helping increase speed and efficiency for project teams.

SustainIQ is used by companies across the construction sector, including consultancies, principal contractors, subcontractors, civil engineers, fit out and facilities management companies, to support their ESG and sustainability reporting commitments. As ESG and sustainability challenges, such as Net Zero, Social Value and Governance, rise to the top of the boardroom agenda, partnerships that solve those challenges are key to the future of business.

Welcoming the announcement, SustainIQ Co-Founder Liam McEvoy said, “We are excited to be a Procore partner and see SustainIQ live in their marketplace.”

With sustainability and ESG high on the corporate agenda for contractors and construction companies, embedding SustainIQ within Procore makes sense to ensure we continue to add value to our customers, as well as Procore’s wider customer base, making it easy to capture sustainability performance data while helping to increase efficiency across projects.  SustainIQ’s partnership with Procore will enable the industry to solve a plethora of ESG challenges within the construction sector.”

Leading contractors are now embedding ESG as a core part of their business models. The UK Built Environment is currently responsible for 25 per cent of total UK greenhouse gas emissions (buildings and infrastructure). If vehicle emissions are included within the scope of the built environment, this increases to 42 per cent of UK emissions.

Therefore, a data led approach to net zero is critical if we are to achieve our goals and make the necessary transition.

The partnership with Procore provides customers with a streamlined solution for reporting ESG and sustainability performance across projects. Operating on over 900 sites across the UK and Ireland, SustainIQ provides customers with a methodology that makes it easy to capture, measure, monitor and report on sustainability performance supporting teams reporting across all legal, contract and client requirements including SECR, ESOS, BREEAM, LEED, CEEQUAL, Social Return on Investment and much more.

Tony Harbour, Head of Technology Partners, EMEA, Procore, says,

“Procore is excited to have SustainIQ join our marketplace.  We have seen a significant increase in ESG queries from our construction customers, and so we are delighted to offer a solution to help overcome some of those challenges, particularly around reporting.  We look forward to working with SustainIQ, and together I believe we can help the construction sector make the shift required to become more sustainable.”

Procore customers with active SustainIQ subscriptions install the embedded SustainIQ app directly through the Procore platform through the Procore Marketplace, getting started immediately with the integration and working within Procore to support their ESG performance reporting.

Learn more about the partnership by visiting the Marketplace page here and about Procore here.