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For the construction industry to flourish and achieve its undoubted potential, there are a number of critical issues with affect its business environment…

From the performance of our local councils in terms of making speedy decisions on planning applications, to the need for planning policy to have within it an economic ‘golden thread’, to issues around tax and the National Living Wage, to the need to have a competitive employment law framework in Northern Ireland, it is critical that the Executive stays on top of those issues which impact on the industry’s competitiveness in the increasingly global economy.

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Building key partnership across industry sectors

A patronage partnership between the Construction Employers Federation (CEF) and Northern Ireland’s leading contract hire and vehicle management company, Fleet Financial, enters its second year and has already proven a huge success and of extensive benefit to the Federation and its membership.

Spring Budget 2017

Following the vote to leave the European Union last June, there has been uncertainty across the business sector in Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole, with issues like the weakening pound becoming cause for real concern for some. Despite this however, businesses have proved resilient and it was anticipated that the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Phillip Hammond, would mirror this feeling in his first Budget.


  • Danske Bank
  • JP Corry
  • Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group
  • Fleet Financial
  • BDO Northern Ireland