Construction Skills Register

The Construction Skills Register (CSR) is a register of construction workers who have completed the industry approved CSR health and safety training course and assessment.

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About the Construction Skills Register

CSR aims to raise health and safety standards and reduce accidents in the industry by ensuring that all construction workers undertake health and safety training every 4 years.

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Online Card Checker

Use our online card checker to confirm the validity of CSR cards.

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Training Providers

Use our trainer directory to find details of accredited CSR training providers

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Card Types

See what CSR cards are available and find the one for you.

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Lost Cards

If you have lost your card do not worry, visit this page to see what to do.

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Relationship with Other Card Schemes

The Construction Skills Register is the industry approved card scheme for the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

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Contact Construction Skills Register

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for or have any issues please contact us directly.

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