NVIR-O-CERT is an environmental management system and auditing scheme which meets the requirements of Northern Ireland public sector procurement policy.

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What is NVIR-O-CERT?

NVIR-O-CERT, the construction-specific Environmental Management System, is now live and is open for applications.

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How it works

For a company to become certified an NVIR-O-CERT auditor must visit a company’s construction site and verify that the company has processes in place to ensure that they protect the environment and that those processes are being followed in practice.

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Get registered

To complete step one of the process you can download the registration form from this page and return it to the specified address.

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Apply for audit

A registered company is required to apply for audit within nine months of registration. NVIR-O-CERT will carry out an annual audit operating on a 3 year cycle of full audit, verification audit, verification audit

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If you cannot find the information that you are looking for or have any issues please contact us directly.

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