Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current Safe-T-Cert certified companies.

This page is particularly useful for clients so they can make sure a company is taking proactive steps to manage their health and safety.

If you can't find the company you are looking for, please contact a member of the team on 028 9087 7154 and we can double check.

3 Interior Contracts Ltd
NI 1365/10

A & M Haughian Ltd
NI 1696/13

A McKee & Co Limited
NI 1743/14

Abax Electrical Limited
NI 2008/18

Abbey Medicare (NI) Ltd
NI 1723/13

Abraham Tree Maintenance
NI 1590/13

Access Scaffolding Co (NI) Ltd
NI 1553/12

Adair Building Services Ltd
NI 0732/05

Advanced NI Scaffolding Ltd
NI 1721/13

Alan Lewis Displays Limited
NI 1129/08

Alexander Bonar & Co Ltd
NI 0456/04

Alskea Contracts Ltd
NI 1224/09

Amalgamated Environmental Services (AES) Ltd T/A AES Marconi
NI 0570/04

AMG Contracts
NI 1717/13

Ampion Limited
NI 0839/06

Anderson Haulage Limited
NI 1444/11

Anderson Interiors Ltd
NI 1350/10

Andrew Bradley Limited
NI 0510/04

Annett Landscaping Limited
NI 0466/04

Annvale Construction Ltd
NI 0586/04

Antrim Electrical & Mechanical Engineers Limited
NI 0262/04

Ard Contracts Limited
NI 2037/21

Ashleigh (NI) Ltd
NI 0769/06

Atmac Construction Limited

Aughrim Building Company Ltd
NI 1142/08

B H Glazing Systems Ltd
NI 0213/03

B L Shutters Ltd
NI 1644/13

Ballymore Civils Ltd T/A Ballymore Services Ltd
NI 1857/15

Bann Architectural Systems Ltd
NI 1716/13

Barrett Contracts Limited

Bateson Bros
NI 1694/13

Bavan Contracts Ltd
NI 0971/07

BDC Builders Limited
NI 1965/17

Beam Property Services Ltd
NI 1420/11

Bell Contracts & Co Ltd
NI 0575/04

BES Solutions Ltd T/A BES
NI 1566/12

BHP Alarms Ltd
NI 1459/12

Black Box Network Services (UK) Ltd
NI 0729/05

Blackthorn Contract Furniture
NI 1736/13

BMC Construction Ltd
NI 0285/04

Bowman Windows Ltd
NI 1832/15

Bradley Construction
NI 0209/03

Braham Electrical
NI 0458/04

Braid Electrical Services Ltd
NI 0147/03

Breezemount Electrical & Hydraulics Ltd
NI 0622/04

Brendan Loughran & Sons Ltd
NI 0521/04

Brian Quinn Contracts
NI 0625/04

Brook Design Hardware Limited T/A Brookvent
NI 1494/12

BW Homes & Construction Ltd
NI 0033/02

C & B McErlean Ltd
NI 1868/15

C & H Electrical Ltd
NI 1682/13

C A Services (NI) Limited
NI 1950/17

CAM Lifts
NI 0735/05

Cameron Landscapes Limited
NI 1834/15

Canavan Construction Ltd
NI 0720/05

Carlin Construction & Joinery Limited
NI 0628/05

Carlin Decorators Ltd
NI 0199/03

Carn Developments Limited
NI 1783/14

Chemical Treatment Services Ltd
NI 2004/18

Chubb (NI) Limited
NI 1392/11

City Contract Cleaners

Clarke Contracts (Plastering and Flooring) Limited
NI 1980/18

Clarke Road Contracts Limited
NI 1122/08

Classiques Floor Design Ltd
NI 0676/05

ClearAv Limited T/A OKTO Technologies
NI 1304/10

Cleary Contracting Limited
NI 0545/04

Clerk Fencing Limited
NI 1141/08

CM Structural Services Limited
NI 1438/11

Combined Facilities Management Ltd
NI 0056/02

Complete Water Treatment Limited
NI 1962/17

Con O'Neill
NI 1232/09

Connolly & Fee Limited
NI 0227/04

Construction Joints Limited
NI 1662/13

Conwell Contracts (UK) Limited Conwell Contracts (ROI) Limited
NI 0820/06

Conwell Roofing Contracts Ltd
NI 1733/13

Coyle Suspended Ceilings Limited
NI 1676/13

Crane Communications Limited
NI 0757/05

Crown Industries
NI 1998/18

Cuan Marine Services Limited

Cunningham Contracts Ltd
NI 1368/10

Cunningham Stone Masonry
NI 1901/16

Curran Contracts Ltd
NI 1262/09

D & S Contracts Limited
NI 1841/15

D B Building Contracts Limited
NI 1087/08

D G Green & Sons
NI 0931/07

D Hooke Contracts
NI 1707/13

D J Dickson Limited
NI 0136/03

D M G Electrics Limited
NI 0709/05

D Martin Building Contracting
NI 0919/07

D Roulston & Sons
NI 0523/04

D-Scaff Ltd
NI 1548/12

David Jameson Roofing Services Ltd
NI 1397/11

David Kerr Roofing Ltd
NI 0375/04

Dawson-Wam Limited
NI 0064/03

DB McLarnon Fire Protection Agency Ltd T/A MCL Fire)
NI 2045/19

DC Construction Limited

DC Piling Ltd
NI 1592/13

DCM Contracts
NI 2077/20

Decor-Wright Paints Ltd

Dellmont Developments Ltd

Delta Security Systems (NI) Limited

Derby Builders
NI 0898/06

Devity Contract Services Limited

Devlin Mechanical Limited
NI 0302/04

DGW Building Services
NI 1968/17

Diamond Contract Solutions
NI 2080/20

Diamond Electronic Systems Limited
NI 0643/05

Digital Fire & Security (NI) Ltd
NI 1404/11

Direct Electrical Services Ireland Ltd
NI 1463/12

Disten Property Maintenance Ltd
NI 1205/09

DJ Andrews Contracts
NI 2067/20

DJV Insulations Ltd
NI 0603/04

DMG GlobaltecNI Ltd

Dobbin Contracts
NI 0948/07

Down Developments Ltd
NI 0513/04

DPC Contracts (NI) Ltd
NI 1725/13

Drum Brickworks Limited
NI 1938/17

DSK Contracts Limited

Duct & Scientific Services Limited
NI 0391/04

E Quinn Contracts Ltd
NI 1467/12

E R M Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0153/03

Eden Decorators Limited
NI 0991/07

Edgeline Metal Roofing Limited
NI 1789/14

Electronic and Security Services Ltd
NI 1752/14

Elvis Kirk Contracts
NI 0817/06

Engineering Services Electrical Limited
NI 0053/02

Ernest Watt & Sons
NI 0910/07

Euro Control Panel Specialists Ltd
NI 0828/06

Evolution Healthcare Limited
NI 1373/10

F A L Contracts
NI 1681/13

F G Plumbing & Heating

Farrimond MacManus Limited
NI 1923/16

Feeney Electrical Limited
NI 0698/05

FKP Smyth Limited

Fleville Brothers Limited
NI 1860/15

Focus Security Solutions (NI) Ltd
NI 1863/15

Form Builders
NI 2033/19

Foyle View Builders Limited
NI 0515/04

Francis Haughey Building & Civil Engineering Contractor
NI 0815/06

FSP Alarms Limited
NI 1434/11

Fusion Heating Limited
NI 0765/05

G D Henderson Construction Ltd
NI 1830/15

G F Wilson
NI 0660/05

G L Electrics
NI 1383/10

G2 Environmental Services Ltd
NI 1746/14

Gahan & Long Ltd
NI 0457/04

Gallagher & McKinney Ltd
NI 1110/08

GATE Interiors Limited
NI 1557/12

GBS Roofing Limited
NI 002/01

Geotechnical Environmental Services Limited
NI 1914/16

Gerald Love Contracts
NI 0170/03

Gibson (Banbridge) Limited
NI 0221/04

Gilbert-Ash Limited
NI 0040/02

Glenturas Construction Limited
NI 1974/17

Glenvale Waste Limited
NI 1448/11

Glenview Contracts Limited
NI 1101/08

GOH Electrical Contracts Limited
NI 1705/13

Graham Projects Ltd
NI 0019/01

Greenwood Specialist Joinery Ltd
NI 1615/13

Grinan Contracts

Grove Electrical Services Limited
NI 1995/18

H & M Services - Energy Solutions
NI 1377/10

H Gilmore & Sons
NI 1341/10

H McLarnon & Son Limited
NI 0819/06

Handley Heating Services
NI 0301/04

Hardwood Developments Limited
NI 1720/13

Harrison Contracts NI Ltd
NI 1763/14

Hawthorn Heights Limited
NI 1258/09

HD Commercial
NI 0986/07

Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Ltd
NI 0003/01

Heron Brothers Ltd
NI 0123/03

Hollandale Projects Limited
NI 1982/18

Homeseal Energy Savings Ltd
NI 1672/13

Horton Electrical Services Ltd
NI 1792/14

Houtman Scaffolding
NI 1759/14

HTC Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0883/06

Hugh J O'Boyle Ltd
NI 0055/02

Hunter Electrics Limited
NI 0489/04

Ian Short Plumbing & Heating Ltd
NI 1068/08

ICB Emulsions Ltd
NI 0150/03

IMAC Construction Services Limited
NI 0760/05

IMS Industrial Maintenance Service Limited
NI 1993/18

Irwin Electrical Services Limited
NI 0544/04

J & A Construction (NI) Limited
NI 1163/08

J & J Mowbray Limited
NI 1466/12

J & M Begley (Building Contractor) Ltd
NI 0238/04

J & S McKee Ltd
NI 1321/10

J & V Construction Limited
NI 2013/18

J A Gamble & Company Limited
NI 0703/05

J F C Construction Limited
NI 0641/05

J J Hennebry & Son Ltd
NI 0889/06

J P & S Construction Limited
NI 1774/14

J P M Contracts Ltd
NI 0183/03

James Haughey & Company
NI 1813/14

James Stevenson (Quarries) Ltd
NI 1547/12

Jamieson Electrical Technologies Limited
NI 1417/11

JBC Security Services Ltd
NI 1565/12

JDC Joinery and Building Works
NI 0509/04

Jeffers Plumbing & Heating
NI 1767/14

JMG Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0108/03

John Doherty Contracts (NI) Ltd
NI 0557/04

John Hunter Glazing
NI 0344/04

John McNaught Electrical Contractor
NI 0691/05

John Tinnelly & Sons Ltd
NI 0393/04

Johnston Construction
NI 1286/09

K Glackin Electrics Limited
NI 1945/17

K J M Electrical Limited
NI 1919/16

K P F Building & Civil Engineering Ltd
NI 1499/12

K S Electrics NI Ltd
NI 1475/12

K-Lite Ltd
NI 0774/06

Kage Engineering (NI) Limited
NI 1634/13

Kanes Construction Ltd
NI 1140/08

Kelly Brothers Building Contractors LLP
NI 0353/04

Kelly Mechanical Services
NI 1800/14

Kelly, McEvoy & Brown
NI 1242/09

KES Group Inc Ltd
NI 1788/14

Keymore Construction Ltd
NI 1523/12

KMDL Engineering (NI) Ltd
NI 1329/10

L J Millar & Sons Ltd

Larsen Contracts Limited
NI 1355/10

LarsPlay Limited
NI 2085/20

LDC Electrics
NI 2020/18

Leadon Timber Frame Ltd
NI 1495/12

Leak Detector Limited

Lenagh Construction
NI 1371/10

Leo Matheson Ltd
NI 1880/15

Lilburn Contracts
NI 0014/01

Lisburn Astral Ltd
NI 0835/06

Longmore Electronics Ltd
NI 0748/05

Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Limited
NI 0507/04

Lowry Construction Ltd
NI 1563/12

M & K Electrical Limited
NI 0248/04

M & N Contracts Ltd
NI 1628/13

M & P Bradley Limited
NI 0402/04

M D Electrical Limited
NI 0767/05

M E Crowe Limited
NI 0993/07

M F Contracts Ltd
NI 1728/13

M McG Roadmarks Ltd
NI 1643/13

M McIlwaine & Sons
NI 1480/12

Mac Core Limited
NI 1796/14

Mac Electrics Ltd
NI 0307/04

Mac Solutions Limited
NI 2074/20

MacWaste Ltd
NI 0527/04

Maghera Developments Limited
NI 1144/08

Mainline Contracts Ltd

Mamo Building Services Limited
NI 1885/16

Marrs Maintenance Services Ltd
NI 1546/12

Mastercraft Construction UK Limited
NI 1866/15

Mayfair Civils Limited
NI 1801/04

McAleer & McGarrity Limited
NI 0379/04

McAleer & Rushe Contracts UK Limited
NI 0403/04

McChrystal Brothers
NI 0470/04

McCormack Site Services (Ireland) Limited T/A McCormack Demolition
NI 0111/03

McCormick Contracts Ltd

McCrory Access Solutions Ltd
NI 1883/16

McCusker Contracts
NI 1178/09

McCusker Demolition Ltd
NI 1520/12

McElwaine Security Services Ltd
NI 0667/05

McErlean Associates Ltd (MEA) Ltd
NI 1999/18

McEvoy Electrical Ltd
NI 1442/11

McFall Developments
NI 1958/17

McGettigan Homes Ltd
NI 2051/19

McGinnis Developments Limited
NI 1745/14

McGreevy Construction Limited
NI 1421/11

McKay Plumbing & Heating
NI 1620/13

McKinley Contracts Ltd
NI 1501/12

MCL Construction Group Limited
NI 2024/18

McMackin Contracts Ltd
NI 1290/09

McNicholl Hughes
NI 0505/04

McVeigh Contracts Ltd
NI 1744/14

Meritcom Ltd
NI 1237/09

NI 1472/12

Michael Donaghy Painting & Decorating Contractors Ltd
NI 0526/04

Michael Mallon & Sons Contracts
NI 0376/04

Michael Nugent Limited
NI 0399/04

MIDD Electrical Limited
NI 1896/16

Mill Contracts Limited
NI 1819/14

Mills Contracts Limited
NI 1057/08

MKB Contracts Ltd
NI 1569/12

ML Quinn Construction Ltd
NI 2018/18

MMG Contracts Limited
NI 1946/17

MMM Design & Build Ltd
NI 0938/07

Moffitt & Robinson Construction Ltd
NI 1171/09

Montgomery Refrigeration Limited
NI 0550/04

Mooney Mechanical Installations Ltd
NI 1823/14

Moss Construction (NI) Limited
NI 0192/03

Mourne Roads Ltd (Kilkeel)
NI 1595/13

Mourne Windows & Doors
NI 1780/14

MPS Estate Management Ltd
NI 2044/19

MR Mechanical Services Ltd

MSM Contracts Limited
NI 0113/03

Mulla Construction Limited
NI 0653/05

Mullinsallagh Ltd t/a O B Construction
NI 0716/05

Murray & McEvoy Ltd Electrical Contractors
NI 1391/11

N C C Systems Limited
NI 1372/10

N K Fencing Limited
NI 0415/04

Nevin Electrics Limited
NI 1534/12

Newpark Developments Limited
NI 1929/17

Newton Ground Engineering Ltd
NI 1966/17

Nicor Construction
NI 1145/08

Noel Garrity Painting Contractor
NI 0178/03

Noel McQuaid & Son Ltd
NI 0995/07

Nor-Den Electrical
NI 0469/04

Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd
NI 1818/14

Northern Ireland Housing Executive - DLO
NI 1889/16

Northern Tree Services Limited
NI 1481/12

Northwest Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0714/05

O'Gara Contracts Limited
NI 1738/13

O'Hanlon Bros Construction Limited
NI 0445/04

O'Hanlon Electrical Ltd
NI 1737/13

O'Neill Building Works Ltd
NI 2064/20

Obaro Ltd
NI 0242/04

Omagh Aluminium Systems Ltd
NI 1454/11

Omega Mechanical Services Limited
NI 0052/02

On Track Technicians Ltd

Original Heating Limited

P & D McMahon Contracts Ltd
NI 1782/14

P & K McKaigue Limited
NI 1043/08

P & L Electrics Limited
NI 0600/04

P & M Excavations
NI 1812/14

P J Conway (Contractors) Limited
NI 0006/01

P J Treacy & Sons Ltd
NI 0741/05

P M Plumbing & Heating Services Limited
NI 1572/12

P McColgan & Sons Limited
NI 0479/04

P McK Limited
NI 1670/13

P Quigley & Son Limited

Pat McCorley Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 1353/10

Patton Electrical Ltd
NI 1281/09

Paul Watters Electrical Contracts Ltd
NI 2007/18

Peter Fitzpatrick Ltd
NI 0471/04

Peter Maxwell Electrical
NI 1567/12

Peter McErlain Limited
NI 0644/05

PHACE Contracts Ltd
NI 1580/12

Philip McElhone Construction Limited
NI 1055/08

Pietre Naturali Limited
NI 1916/16

Pipeline Services
NI 0194/03

PMD Contracts Ltd
NI 1698/13

Precision Mechanical Contractors Limited
NI 0229/04

Premier Electrics Limited
NI 0429/04

Pronet Safety Services
NI 1554/12

Provincial Developments & Services Ltd
NI 1493/12

Prunty Contracts Ltd
NI 1757/14

Q B Contracts Ltd
NI 1435/11

Quinn Piling Limited
NI 1424/11

Quinn Utilities (NI) Ltd
NI 1826/15

R J Smyth Engineering Limited
NI 1755/14

R Loughlin Electrical Services
NI 0234/04

R T Boyd & Co Ltd
NI 0538/04

Raptic Limited
NI 1847/15

Regan Building Contractors Limited
NI 1984/18

REI Services Ltd.
NI 1529/12

Retain Solutions Ltd
NI 1640/13

RGM Construction Ltd
NI 1374/10

RMC Building Servicdfes Ltd

Robin Hill Construction

Robinson Roofing Limited
NI 0836/06

Rogers Fencing Supplies Ltd
NI 1431/11

Roofscape Limited

Roxborough Plant & Construction Limited
NI 1790/14

S & D Property Maintenance
NI 1498/12

S G Stirling Glazing & Window Contractors
NI 1001/07

S M Cuffey Landscapes
NI 0258/04

Scan Alarms & Security Systems (UK) Ltd
NI 1491/12

Scott & Ewing Limited
NI 0081/03

Sean Quigley Contracts Ltd
NI 1844/15

Sean Quigley T/A Quigley Contracts
NI 1827/15

Select Services (NI) Ltd
NI 0824/06

SGBD T/A J P Corry (Doors & Washroom Division)
NI 1581/12

Shannon Site Solutions Ltd
NI 1722/13

Sharpe Mechanical Services
NI 0212/03

Sharpe Ventilation Services Limited

Sheridan M & E Ltd
NI 1319/10

SMC Contracts Limited
NI 2087/20

SMG Contracts Limited
NI 2026/21

Smyth Steel Limited
NI 0665/05

SP Group (Solar)
NI 0253/04

Specialised Fire And Security Limited
NI 1855/15

Stephen Magee Electrical
NI 1308/10

Stephens Catering Equipment Co Ltd
NI 1588/13

Stewart & McConnell (Derry) Ltd
NI 1837/15

Stothers M & E Limited
NI 0175/03

Stronghold Preservation
NI 1711/13

Super Seal Window Systems
NI 1538/12

Supreme Shopfitting Limited
NI 2015/18

T A Electric Co Ltd
NI 0442/04

T D McKane & Son
NI 0070/03

T G Eakin & Sons
NI 0407/04

T K Brolly Enterprises Ltd
NI 0853/06

T O'Connell & Sons
NI 0190/03

Tandragee Roofing Company
NI 1514/12

Taylor Group Ireland Ltd
NI 1367/10

TealRock Properties Limited
NI 1935/17

Terra Solutions Ltd
NI 1083/08

The Lava Group (NI) Limited
NI 2006/18

The McAvoy Group Limited
NI 0100/03

Thomas Hanna & Co Ltd
NI 0983/07

Thyssenkrupp Elevator UK Ltd (N.Ireland)
NI 1677/13

Tinnelly Construction Ltd
NI 1156/08

Tonagh Electrics Limited
NI 1669/13

Traad Nurseries Limited
NI 1937/17

Tracey Brothers Limited
NI 0017/01

Trainor Stone & Tile Limited
NI 1888/16

Tully Farm Holdings Limited T/A Contract Services

Tyrone Electrical Ltd
NI 1143/08

USC Design Group Limited
NI 1931/17

Valside TA Aircon Sales and Service
NI 0546/04

Vaughan Engineering Services Ltd
NI 0143/03

Victor Gordon & Son Ltd
NI 1369/10

Victoria Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0685/05

VQ Plant Hire and Civil Engineering Limited
NI 1594/13

W & C Glazing Contractors Limited
NI 0669/05

W Doherty Construction Limited
NI 1040/08

W J & H Crozier
NI 0079/03

W K K Electrical Services Ltd
NI 0624/04

W M Controls Limited
NI 1840/15

W R Jenkins & Company Limited
NI 0867/06

Ward Piling Limited
NI 2002/18

White Underfloor Heating Ltd
NI 1699/13

Wilson & Mawhinney Limited
NI 0430/04

Wilson Services (NI) Limited
NI 1795/14

Woodvale Construction Company Limited
NI 0080/03

Worksafe Electrical Services Ltd
NI 1549/12

Wray Engineering
NI 1761/14

WRB Energy Limited
NI 2005/18

Wyatt McAteer Contracts Limited
NI 2016/18