Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current Safe-T-Cert certified companies.

This page is particularly useful for clients so they can make sure a company is taking proactive steps to manage their health and safety.

If you can't find the company you are looking for, please contact a member of the team on 028 9087 7154 and we can double check.

C & B McErlean Ltd
NI 1868/15

C & H Electrical Ltd
NI 1682/13

C A Services (NI) Limited
NI 1950/17

CAM Lifts
NI 0735/05

Cameron Landscapes Limited
NI 1834/15

Canavan Construction Ltd
NI 0720/05

Carlin Construction & Joinery Limited
NI 0628/05

Carlin Decorators Ltd
NI 0199/03

Carn Developments Limited
NI 1783/14

Chemical Treatment Services Ltd
NI 2004/18

Chubb (NI) Limited
NI 1392/11

City Contract Cleaners

Clarke Contracts (Plastering and Flooring) Limited
NI 1980/18

Clarke Road Contracts Limited
NI 1122/08

Classiques Floor Design Ltd
NI 0676/05

ClearAv Limited T/A OKTO Technologies
NI 1304/10

Cleary Contracting Limited
NI 0545/04

Clerk Fencing Limited
NI 1141/08

CM Structural Services Limited
NI 1438/11

Combined Facilities Management Ltd
NI 0056/02

Complete Water Treatment Limited
NI 1962/17

Con O'Neill
NI 1232/09

Connolly & Fee Limited
NI 0227/04

Construction Joints Limited
NI 1662/13

Conwell Contracts (UK) Limited Conwell Contracts (ROI) Limited
NI 0820/06

Conwell Roofing Contracts Ltd
NI 1733/13

Coyle Suspended Ceilings Limited
NI 1676/13

Crane Communications Limited
NI 0757/05

Crown Industries
NI 1998/18

Cuan Marine Services Limited

Cunningham Contracts Ltd
NI 1368/10

Cunningham Stone Masonry
NI 1901/16

Curran Contracts Ltd
NI 1262/09

D & S Contracts Limited
NI 1841/15

D B Building Contracts Limited
NI 1087/08

D G Green & Sons
NI 0931/07

D Hooke Contracts
NI 1707/13

D J Dickson Limited
NI 0136/03

D M G Electrics Limited
NI 0709/05

D Martin Building Contracting
NI 0919/07

D Roulston & Sons
NI 0523/04

D-Scaff Ltd
NI 1548/12

David Jameson Roofing Services Ltd
NI 1397/11

David Kerr Roofing Ltd
NI 0375/04

Dawson-Wam Limited
NI 0064/03

DB McLarnon Fire Protection Agency Ltd T/A MCL Fire)
NI 2045/19

DC Construction Limited

DC Piling Ltd
NI 1592/13

DCM Contracts
NI 2077/20

Decor-Wright Paints Ltd

Dellmont Developments Ltd

Delta Security Systems (NI) Limited

Derby Builders
NI 0898/06

Devity Contract Services Limited

Devlin Mechanical Limited
NI 0302/04

DGW Building Services
NI 1968/17

Diamond Contract Solutions
NI 2080/20

Diamond Electronic Systems Limited
NI 0643/05

Digital Fire & Security (NI) Ltd
NI 1404/11

Direct Electrical Services Ireland Ltd
NI 1463/12

Disten Property Maintenance Ltd
NI 1205/09

DJ Andrews Contracts
NI 2067/20

DJV Insulations Ltd
NI 0603/04

DMG GlobaltecNI Ltd

Dobbin Contracts
NI 0948/07

Down Developments Ltd
NI 0513/04

DPC Contracts (NI) Ltd
NI 1725/13

Drum Brickworks Limited
NI 1938/17

DSK Contracts Limited

Duct & Scientific Services Limited
NI 0391/04