Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current Safe-T-Cert certified companies.

This page is particularly useful for clients so they can make sure a company is taking proactive steps to manage their health and safety.

If you can't find the company you are looking for, please contact a member of the team on 028 9087 7154 and we can double check.

G D Henderson Construction Ltd
NI 1830/15

G F Wilson
NI 0660/05

G L Electrics
NI 1383/10

G2 Environmental Services Ltd
NI 1746/14

Gahan & Long Ltd
NI 0457/04

Gallagher & McKinney Ltd
NI 1110/08

GATE Interiors Limited
NI 1557/12

GBS Roofing Limited
NI 002/01

Geotechnical Environmental Services Limited
NI 1914/16

Gerald Love Contracts
NI 0170/03

Gibson (Banbridge) Limited
NI 0221/04

Gilbert-Ash Limited
NI 0040/02

Glenturas Construction Limited
NI 1974/17

Glenvale Waste Limited
NI 1448/11

Glenview Contracts Limited
NI 1101/08

GOH Electrical Contracts Limited
NI 1705/13

Graham Projects Ltd
NI 0019/01

Greenwood Specialist Joinery Ltd
NI 1615/13

Grinan Contracts

Grove Electrical Services Limited
NI 1995/18

H & M Services - Energy Solutions
NI 1377/10

H Gilmore & Sons
NI 1341/10

H McLarnon & Son Limited
NI 0819/06

Handley Heating Services
NI 0301/04

Hardwood Developments Limited
NI 1720/13

Harrison Contracts NI Ltd
NI 1763/14

Hawthorn Heights Limited
NI 1258/09

HD Commercial
NI 0986/07

Henry Brothers (Magherafelt) Ltd
NI 0003/01

Heron Brothers Ltd
NI 0123/03

Hollandale Projects Limited
NI 1982/18

Homeseal Energy Savings Ltd
NI 1672/13

Horton Electrical Services Ltd
NI 1792/14

Houtman Scaffolding
NI 1759/14

HTC Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0883/06

Hugh J O'Boyle Ltd
NI 0055/02

Hunter Electrics Limited
NI 0489/04