Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current certified companies within Safe-T-Cert.

K Glackin Electrics Limited
NI 1945/17

K J M Electrical Limited
NI 1919/16

K P F Building & Civil Engineering Ltd
NI 1499/12

K S Electrics NI Ltd
NI 1475/12

K-Lite Ltd
NI 0774/06

Kage Engineering (NI) Limited
NI 1634/13

Kanes Construction Ltd
NI 1140/08

Kelly Brothers Building Contractors LLP
NI 0353/04

Kelly Mechanical Services
NI 1800/14

Kelly, McEvoy & Brown
NI 1242/09

KES Group Inc Ltd
NI 1788/14

Keymore Construction Ltd
NI 1523/12

KMDL Engineering (NI) Ltd
NI 1329/10

L J Millar & Sons Ltd

Larsen Contracts Limited
NI 1355/10

LDC Electrics
NI 2020/18

Leadon Timber Frame Ltd
NI 1495/12

Leak Detector Limited

Lenagh Construction
NI 1371/10

Leo Matheson Ltd
NI 1880/15

Lilburn Contracts
NI 0014/01

Lisburn Astral Ltd
NI 0835/06

Longmore Electronics Ltd
NI 0748/05

Louerne Construction Limited
NI 0054/02

Lough Shore Plumbing & Electrical Ltd
NI 1845/15

Lowry Building & Civil Engineering Limited
NI 0507/04

Lowry Construction Ltd
NI 1563/12