Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current Safe-T-Cert certified companies.

This page is particularly useful for clients so they can make sure a company is taking proactive steps to manage their health and safety.

If you can't find the company you are looking for, please contact a member of the team on 028 9087 7154 and we can double check.

M & K Electrical Limited
NI 0248/04

M & N Contracts Ltd
NI 1628/13

M & P Bradley Limited
NI 0402/04

M D Electrical Limited
NI 0767/05

M E Crowe Limited
NI 0993/07

M F Contracts Ltd
NI 1728/13

M McG Roadmarks Ltd
NI 1643/13

M McIlwaine & Sons
NI 1480/12

Mac Core Limited
NI 1796/14

Mac Electrics Ltd
NI 0307/04

Mac Solutions Limited
NI 2074/20

MacWaste Ltd
NI 0527/04

Maghera Developments Limited
NI 1144/08

Mainline Contracts Ltd

Mamo Building Services Limited
NI 1885/16

Marrs Maintenance Services Ltd
NI 1546/12

Mastercraft Construction UK Limited
NI 1866/15

Mayfair Civils Limited
NI 1801/04

McAleer & McGarrity Limited
NI 0379/04

McAleer & Rushe Contracts UK Limited
NI 0403/04

McChrystal Brothers
NI 0470/04

McCormack Site Services (Ireland) Limited T/A McCormack Demolition
NI 0111/03

McCormick Contracts Ltd

McCrory Access Solutions Ltd
NI 1883/16

McCusker Contracts
NI 1178/09

McCusker Demolition Ltd
NI 1520/12

McElwaine Security Services Ltd
NI 0667/05

McErlean Associates Ltd (MEA) Ltd
NI 1999/18

McEvoy Electrical Ltd
NI 1442/11

McFall Developments
NI 1958/17

McGettigan Homes Ltd
NI 2051/19

McGinnis Developments Limited
NI 1745/14

McGreevy Construction Limited
NI 1421/11

McKay Plumbing & Heating
NI 1620/13

McKinley Contracts Ltd
NI 1501/12

MCL Construction Group Limited
NI 2024/18

McMackin Contracts Ltd
NI 1290/09

McNicholl Hughes
NI 0505/04

McVeigh Contracts Ltd
NI 1744/14

Meritcom Ltd
NI 1237/09

NI 1472/12

Michael Donaghy Painting & Decorating Contractors Ltd
NI 0526/04

Michael Mallon & Sons Contracts
NI 0376/04

Michael Nugent Limited
NI 0399/04

MIDD Electrical Limited
NI 1896/16

Mill Contracts Limited
NI 1819/14

Mills Contracts Limited
NI 1057/08

MKB Contracts Ltd
NI 1569/12

ML Quinn Construction Ltd
NI 2018/18

MMG Contracts Limited
NI 1946/17

MMM Design & Build Ltd
NI 0938/07

Moffitt & Robinson Construction Ltd
NI 1171/09

Montgomery Refrigeration Limited
NI 0550/04

Mooney Mechanical Installations Ltd
NI 1823/14

Moss Construction (NI) Limited
NI 0192/03

Mourne Roads Ltd (Kilkeel)
NI 1595/13

Mourne Windows & Doors
NI 1780/14

MPS Estate Management Ltd
NI 2044/19

MR Mechanical Services Ltd

MSM Contracts Limited
NI 0113/03

Mulla Construction Limited
NI 0653/05

Mullinsallagh Ltd t/a O B Construction
NI 0716/05

Murray & McEvoy Ltd Electrical Contractors
NI 1391/11

N C C Systems Limited
NI 1372/10

N K Fencing Limited
NI 0415/04

Nevin Electrics Limited
NI 1534/12

Newpark Developments Limited
NI 1929/17

Newton Ground Engineering Ltd
NI 1966/17

Nicor Construction
NI 1145/08

Noel Garrity Painting Contractor
NI 0178/03

Noel McQuaid & Son Ltd
NI 0995/07

Nor-Den Electrical
NI 0469/04

Northern Archaeological Consultancy Ltd
NI 1818/14

Northern Ireland Housing Executive - DLO
NI 1889/16

Northern Tree Services Limited
NI 1481/12

Northwest Mechanical Services Ltd
NI 0714/05