Certified companies

Visit this page to view the list of all the current certified companies within Safe-T-Cert.

Q B Contracts Ltd
NI 1435/11

Quinn Piling Limited
NI 1424/11

Quinn Utilities (NI) Ltd
NI 1826/15

R A O'Neill Plant Hire Ltd
NI 1754/14

R J Smyth Engineering Limited
NI 1755/14

R Loughlin Electrical Services
NI 0234/04

R T Boyd & Co Ltd
NI 0538/04

Rahoran Limited

Rainey Specialists Contractors Limited

Raptic Limited
NI 1847/15

Reay Thompson (Belfast) Ltd
NI 1741/14

Regan Building Contractors Limited
NI 1984/18

REI Services Ltd.
NI 1529/12

Retain Solutions Ltd
NI 1640/13

RGM Construction Ltd
NI 1374/10

RMC Building Servicdfes Ltd

Robert Walsh Builders Ltd
NI 1809/14

Robin Hill Construction

Robinson Roofing Limited
NI 0836/06

Rogers Fencing Supplies Ltd
NI 1431/11

Romac Civil Engineering Ltd
NI 1395/11

Roofscape Limited

Rowallane Construction Ltd
NI 1507/12

Roxborough Plant & Construction Limited
NI 1790/14