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The Construction Employers Federation (CEF) is the sole certified representative body for the construction industry in Northern Ireland. We represent approx 70% of construction in NI and around 800 businesses of all sizes employing over 30,000 staff directly and and 65,000 in the wider supply chain. CEF is the Voice of the Industry in NI on the Construction Leadership Council, BuildUK and the Procurement Board. Due to the virus, our offices are shut to the public and staff are working from home. You can continue to reach your normal contacts within the team on their email address or by phone. Please keep in contact, we're here to help.

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Brew Monday - Supporting Mental Health

Today is the third Monday in January and can be known as ‘Blue Monday’. It is thought to be the most depressing day of the year but it was in fact a PR stunt that was originally created to sell holidays! ‘Good and bad’ days are individual to each of us and there are steps that we can take on every day of the year to protect our mental health.

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