An important benchmark on which any government should be judged is their performance on financing and delivering key infrastructure projects…

The financing and delivery of such projects is a crucial barometer as a means to unlock investment, create thousands of jobs both directly and through the construction multiplier effect, and give the local construction industry and greater sense of Northern Ireland’s infrastructure pipeline. 

By growing and enhancing our infrastructure offer, as well as looking at innovative funding solutions, we can enhance our competitiveness and attractiveness as a region to do business and invest in.

Issues of note impacting Infrastructure delivery

Issue: A constrained capital budget is hampering efforts to maintain and enhance NI infrastructure.


  • Limited Funding: The limited capital budget restricts investment in infrastructure projects and hampers the region's development.
  • Project Delay: A lack of adequate funding leads to project delays and impacts the overall condition of infrastructure and roads.


  • Infrastructure Commission: Establishing an independent Infrastructure Commission for Northern Ireland can contribute to long-term decision-making and planning, ensuring projects align with broader strategic goals.
  • Regional Transport Plan: Implement the new Regional Strategic Transport Network Transport Plan, which must include key deliverables such as the York Street Interchange Scheme, the A1 Junctions, and enhancing our railway infrastructure.
  • NI Water: Commit to funding the entirety of Northern Ireland Water’s PC21, subsequent PC27, and Living with Water capital programs to unlock stalled development.
  • Flagships: Completing the existing Executive Flagship schemes while also agreeing on the next generation of strategic Executive projects to be delivered.
  • Stadia Programme: Urgently complete the Regional and Sub-Regional Stadia Programme.
  • City Deals: Delivering the infrastructure projects detailed in the City Deals.

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