Industry Accreditation

Guidance on how to replace your card if it was issued under Industry Accreditation

All skilled cards and above previously issued on the basis of an occupational assessment and industry accreditation from 1 January 2020 will expire on 31 December 2024 and cannot be renewed.

Please note this does not impact Labourer cards.

This guidance is designed to help you understand your next steps to replace your card.

What you do next depends on your occupation and what qualifications you may hold.

If you do not visit site regularly, or you have moved into an office based role you may no longer require a card.

Those needing to obtain a qualification DO NOT need to attend college. The NVQ can be achieved via various routes and CITBNI grants may be available.

Click on the relevant link below for guidance on replacing your card.



I hold a Blue Skilled card

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I hold a Gold Craft card

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I hold a Gold Supervisor card

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I hold a Platinum Manager card

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I hold a Senior Manager card

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